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Original Wizard Reborn MediaNovel® cover artwork

Scott Huelsman wrote Wizard Reborn (originally "Convictions") in 1992, produced the MediaNovel® in 1996-1997 on CD-ROM and adapted it for the Internet in 1999. This version marks 25 years of authoring and development!

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Steven Wirtz

Music Score

Merek Royce Press

Wizard Reborn MediaNovel® Introduction

Original Convictions music cover from 1997Way back in 1997, the artist who developed the musical scores for the Wizard Reborn MediaNovel® (then called "Convictions") created a highly original music CD to go with the hardcover book, 14 individual tracks of music that essentially summarized the story. The resulting tracks from Merek Royce Press were absolutely beautiful and accompanied the final MediaNovel® version of "Wizard Reborn" in 2001.

The resulting "slideshow" featured not only Merek's 14 tracks of music, but played relevant images from the story as well (illustrated by Steven Wirtz). Hence, the reader could listen to the music, see relevant images and review short blurbs of text all at the same time, essentially telling the story with music instead of thousands of words of text. Note that the original slideshows were developed in Adobe Flash and have since been converted to video.

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